Our armbands are back! You already found out a bunch of interesting facts and figures about our rivals last season. For our away LaLiga SmartBank games, we will be telling you many other stories about the teams we will play against, their supporters and the towns or cities they are from. LET’S GET STARTED!

Next Friday, August 27th, SD Huesca will face UD Las Palmas in matchday 3 of LaLiga SmartBank at 8 p.m.

 You can see below the tribute armband that will be worn by our captain during the match:

The main motif of the design is the Turmero de Inagua, an endemic plant from Gran Canaria which is currently endangered. Only a little population of them (around 20 or 30) is known in the Rural Park of Nublo. More precisely, we can see them at Inagua, a microclimatic area located between 1,200 and 1,400 metres.

Like you may have seen, there are two more clear references that stand out in our design. Do you know how they are linked with the city and UD Las Palmas?

Canarian masks are one of the most representative and humble precedents of the popular Carnivals in Gran Canaria, born 500 years ago. Mascarita was the person who dressed up in Carnival using old cloths or sheets, ripped clothes, furs… They sewed disguises and masks covering their faces, and asked other people “¿do you know me, mascarita?”

The last pattern refers to the most famous whale in the world, Moby Dick. Due to a set of circumstances, several scenes of the legendary film by John Huston were shot in Las Palmas. Playa de Las Canteras beach had the honour of becoming the scenery not only of the epilogue but also of the hunting of the whale. To do so, it was necessary to make a 65-metre replica of Moby Dick, which was assigned to local carpenters.

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