One of SD Huesca’s identity marks is the design of a tailored armband for each away game, so this campaign we’ll continue with our tradition.

Football is sport, but it represents places and people, too, enabling to render cultures and traditions more visible. In this particular case, this initiative allows us to present the natural and cultural wealth of our province. These armbands should set an example to bind together the fans, cities and provinces of the corresponding clubs.

Thanks to Huesca La Magia, the initiative of this season aims at forming bonds and establishing commonplaces between the Alto Aragón and the rest of provinces. All of this is illustrated in the armband designs, taking the most iconic locations in the province of Huesca throughout the country. All in all, this helps to build bridges and to do more to identify areas of common ground with other regions in Spain.

These designs are always a colourful conception composed by pure outlines that synthesise and vertebrate the images in each armband. They have got plain colours and geometric shapes, which serve as a base for every design, just as culture and tradition are the principles on which our society and community are based.