Armband for GIRONA FC vs SD Huesca

Next Saturday, October 16th, SD Huesca will face Girona FC, a rival with a great deal of members that have taken part in the recent history of our team too.

The design of this armband converges the four rivers that cross the city (Ter, Onyar, Güell and Galligants) and join not only its geography, town planning and mythology but also its floral and sculptural art.

In terms of layout, this river branch acts as a divider of the armband into blocks.

You can see Gustave Eiffel designed “Pont de les Peixateries Velles”, also known as “Eiffel Bridge”, a meeting point for tourists from all over the world, many of whom are French. A unique “selfie point” in the city! Located over the River Onyar, it was built by the company of the French engineer in 1877, ten years before the construction of his most famous tower.

Have you noticed the three Hellenic statue heads? As you can see, the armband has been designed using our “head” … and our heart too!

In Greek mythology, the giant Geryon, a monster with three heads, climbed up the top of a mountain on the right bank of the River Onyar, where he felt inspired and founded the city which bears his name.

If you look up (you can see everything in the infographic about the armband), you will find some impressive conceptual shapes that are characteristic of Domènec Fita’s work, who passed away a year ago. Those shapes, depicted at the upper left of the armband, are based on a sketch that had been drawn for the stained-glass window of the Capella de Vila-Roja Chapel in Girona. The armband conveys an essential art component – since football is all about that: conveying, joining together, getting excited

Finally, the armband is composed by two floral elements. On the one hand, the “Edelweiss” – our well-known mountain flower that can be found in both Girona and Huesca. On the other hand, a nod to the “Temps de Flors” flower festival – a festival that fills the streets with colour by means of all types of aromatic and wild plants, as well as floral motifs.

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