The next captain’s armband for Sunday’s LaLiga SmartBank game with UD Las Palmas continues to help building bridges among the provinces in the country, by identifying areas of common ground between the two corresponding territories thanks to Huesca La Magia. This time our armband is inspired by two stunning natural monuments derived from eroded rock formations. This photo illustrates the Ventana del Roque Nublo in Las Palmas and the Arco de Piedrafita in Huesca, two tourist attractions and a whole amazing experience for nature lovers. 

Ventana del Roque Nublo • Las Palmas

Ventana del Roque Nublo is a natural stone monument which can be reached easily on foot (15 min) from the Pico de las Nieves lookout, in Las Palmas. It is a natural space resulted from thousands of years of erosion, wind and rain, from which you can enjoy incredible panoramic views of Roque Nublo and even the Mount Teide on a clear day. It started as a local highlight, but it has now become a very popular spot among the tourists in the island.

Arco de Piedrafita • Valle de Tena (Huesca)

The geological Arco de Piedrafita is located at the base of the highest peak of Sierra de Partacua, in Valle del Tena (Alto Gállego). It is part of an accessible circular route that goes across the Ibón de Piedrafita. Its last uphill stretch, which gets a little bit harder, lets you reach the Arco de Piedrafita. Once you are there, you just need to enjoy its panoramic views, with the Búbal reservoir and the Pyrenees in the background.

Here you can find a panoramic view of the Ibón de Piedrafita, which you will be able to visit in the aforementioned route.