Armband for MÁLAGA CF VS SD Huesca

Our next LaLiga SmartBank game (matchday 33) will be away on Sunday 27th February at 18:15 (GMT+1). SD Huesca will travel to Malaga away from home in La Rosaleda, one of the most traditional stadiums in Spain and the fiefdom of Málaga CF.

Picasso’s armband

We’ve chosen Pablo Ruiz Picasso for the design of this armband, a genius born in Malaga who was extremely interested in the king of sports. In the 1960s, he sculpted Footballeur, a ceramic statue in honour of the footballers and their pose to kick the ball. Before that, he had already created sketch drawings in pencil and coloured chalks on lithographs that depicted the artistic tribute he paid to football. Picasso’s reference can be seen on the left side of the infographic about the armband design below. Also, this iconic piece of art was exhibited at the National Football Museum in Manchester, a city closely bound to football.

Anyway, if we talk about Malaga, we shouldn’t forget about its top museums, which are definitely worth stopping by: from Picasso Museum Malaga to Centre Pompidou Malaga.

The unique colours displayed on the right side of the armband –blues, reds, greens or yellows– correspond to the colourful Cube of Malaga, a well-known structure made up of dozens of coloured glass panels by the French artist Daniel Buren.

VIP Málaga CF supporter

The armband also features a small detail in one of the players depicted: the mask of Zorro. This character was played by Antonio Banderas, who is originally from Malaga and a VIP supporter of Málaga CF who drops by La Rosaleda quite often. 

The actor posts his passion for the club all over his social media. Apart from that, he took over the Soho Theatre in his home town in 2017, aiming at turning Malaga into a music and theatre landmark in Southern Europe.

And the Biznaga goes to…

The core motif of this armband is the biznaga, the traditional jasmine flower from Malaga. It’s the protagonist of the popular Malaga Film Festival, where the winners are awarded with a Golden Biznaga for the best film each edition.

The 25th anniversary of this festival will be this year, and it will end the exact same day as the encounter between CF Málaga and SD Huesca – the 27th March.

Furthermore, in this 25th edition of the Malaga Film Festival, our beloved Aragonese filmmaker and photographer, Carlos Saura, will be wined and dined and he will receive the Honorary Golden Biznaga Award.

It will be a great award that SD Huesca will try and make even greater. We hope we’ll be able to honour the well-known filmmaker with a triumph at La Rosaleda.