Thanks to Huesca La Magia, we continue building bridges among the provinces in Spain this season. In each domestic game, we find an area of common ground between the two corresponding territories on which we base our captain’s armband. This time it is inspired by the Romanesque style both in Gijon countryside and in Ruta del Serrablo (Huesca). The design depicts the shapes, arches and towers of these unique constructions out in full nature in the two provinces.

Romanesque churches • Gijon countryside

All along the Gijon countryside, we can find a number of Romanesque churches that have been preserved until today, some of which are well-kept-up and some of which are in worse condition. In general, all of them have the following Romanesque distinctive characteristics: they are small, structured in a single nave and they lack of great iconography. Therefore, their charm lies in their simplicity and their perfect integration in the natural surroundings. This stroll along the Gijon Romanesque allows the visitor to get to know a period of time that is still present nowadays.

Romanesque Chapels • Ruta del Serrablo (Huesca)

The group of churches built up in Serralbo, back in the 10th and 11th centuries, are located in mesmerising spots of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Their most characteristic elements are the horseshoe arch, the bell towers, the alfiz and their unique apses. Their surroundings, generally small Pyrenean towns around the river Gallego, are also bewildering. Many of them are normally open to visitors.

Here you can find out the magic route along the Ermitas del Serrablo.