For our next away clash, against UD Ibiza, our captain will wear a special armband that has been tailored for the occasion to bond both our province and the island together. Guided by Huesca La Magia, it depicts a common point – in this case, two curious natural rock formations: the Clot d’en Llaudis Dinosaur in Ibiza and the Dolphin at Rodellar in Huesca. In the first one, the rock itself shapes the dinosaur, whereas in the second case it is the gap inside the rocks which has the shape of a dolphin.

Rock dinosaur • Clot d’en Llaudis (Ibiza)

It is a small estuary at the East coast of Ibiza, divided into two parts by a 16-metre rock arch. From the North side, the rock shapes a dinosaur next to the bushes and trees of the cliff. From this corner, you can see the breathtaking cliffs around, practise water sports – such as kayaking or canoeing – or even spot some local fish stocks and other marine species.

Dolphin at Rodellar • Sierra de Guara (Huesca)

Rodellar, hidden in Sierra de Guara, is a very charming place, especially well-known by climbers worldwide. It holds more than 400 routes, most of which are made of limestone rock, with outpourings and holes of all sizes – all in all, a paradise for anyone who practises this sport. Among all the walls in the area, a window stands out due to its shape, as it silhouettes a dolphin with astonishing views.

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