Next Tuesday, November 2nd, SD Huesca visit El Toralín, the stadium of one of the revelations of the beginning of this season: SD Ponferradina.

Our armband is in tune with the sports radio, as it has always been a major and historic element linked to football in order to broadcast emotions.

The design pays tribute to Luis del Olmo Radio Museum, located in Ponferrada, the capital of El Bierzo, where the well-known sports commentator was born

Radio stars

The sports radio in Spain has seen very unique voices comment not only goals but also the biggest sporting achievements – from Matías Prats senior to José María García or Pepe Domingo Castaño.

The sports broadcasts in Spain began with the Copa final between Real Unión and Arenas de Getxo, played in Zaragoza in 1927. According to official figures, that game was the first one ever broadcast on the Spanish radio (the channel at the time was Unión Radio, which would turn into Sociedad Española de Radiofusión years later.)

We are talking about the radio as an echoing vehicle to convey excitement, either as a transistor close to your ears or an online podcast. According to Kantar Global SportScope, the radio is the second most used device to follow football, right after the TV and even before the smartphone.

The radio has kept the fans company while leaving a romantic sediment on us following the commented 5 p.m. matches, whose soundtrack started with “G O L!”

Our armband in full detail

On the armband you can see the Tau symbol, present in the city of Ponferrada as well as on the entry arch to the Templarios Castle. It can also be found on the tower of San Andrés Church and in the old cemetery. Such Tau is recurrent in several enclaves of the Camino de Santiago, linking Ponferrada to the French Way.

Graphic centenary

To finish up our design, we have included this nod to the centenary of SD Ponferradina, which will be on June 7th next year, by depicting the symbol designed for the occasion. It has become a control key of our radio, together with the rewind and forward buttons, this time towards infinity.

In this encounter SD Huesca will seek to tune in to our best football.