SD Huesca next outing is away to Real Racing Club Santander at El Sardinero.

Following the fashion of the away games this season, our captain will wear an armband to bond the provinces of both teams together. In this case, we will be talking about different constructions with a similar style that are used to celebrate the titles of the clubs: Gran Casino del Sardinero and Circulo Oscense de Huesca buildings. Besides that, you can see a blend of the most representative elements of each building in the middle of the armband design.

Gran Casino del Sardinero • Santander

Landmark building beside El Sardinero beach in Santander. It is located on one of the most gorgeous seafronts of the city, with breathtaking views over the Cantabrian Sea.

It has held various cultural and sporting events since 1916, such as the Festival Internacional de Santander, photo competitions, sculpture and painting exhibitions as well as some other activities.

It was also at the Casino del Sardinero where Racing Santander celebrated with their fans being promoted to LaLiga SmartBank last campaign.

Edificio del Circulo Oscense – Casino de Huesca • Huesca

This jewel of Modernism was built between 1901 and 1904. Diverse urban and architectural features are combined in it, making it an emblem of the city. It has a symbolic value, since it has allowed the different generations to enjoy leisure, culture and social life for over a century. Apart from that, it is the place where SD Huesca celebrate our titles. Find out more about its location and history here.