We start the new season adventure at Ciutat de València, going up against Levante UD.

As it is a tradition at our club, our captain will don a special armband tailored for the occasion. This year, each of them will depict a common point between the province of Huesca and the one we’ll be visiting. Guided by Huesca La Magia, we’ll pick different highlights in our province and spread them out all over the country.

For the first armband of the season, a typical location both in the province of Valencia and Huesca has been selected. We’re talking about two spots that enjoy incredible panoramic views: Calderones in Chulilla (River Turia, in Valencia) and the walkway route in Alquézar (River Vero Canyon, in Huesca).

These two places have been synthesised and simplified, having eventually been reinterpreted with basic and colourful shapes.

Below you can find the creative process of the design of our armband.

As on previous occasions, you can also find some intermediate steps of the design process.

Calderones in Chulilla (Valencia)

The River Turia offers astonishing landscapes, such as the Calderones in Chulilla, about 38 miles away from Valencia. This easy route, full with suspension bridges, offers breathtaking views, so it’s recommended for everyone.

Walkway route on the River Vero Canyon in Alquézar (Huesca)

Regarding the venue chosen in Huesca, this is definitely one of the most famous highlights in the surroundings of Alquézar. From this point you can see not only a scenic landscape of water, rocks and caves but also the traditional architecture of this amazing medieval town, which has been declared one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and all around the world.