SD Huesca will travel to Cartagena away from home in the first LaLiga SmartBank game of 2023 to take on FC Cartagena at Cartagonova. Guided by Huesca La Magia, our captain will don an armband that bonds both provinces together by depicting a common point between the two of them.

In this case, coins of the Ancient Age, from the time when the Iberians lived in our peninsula, have been taken as the starting point for this armband. In both coin designs we can see two horse figures. In the case of the one from Huesca (Bolskan was originally the name of the city), there is a horseman.

Coin from Hannibal’s time • Cartagena

The study of coins has turned out to be an important source of information throughout history, as its use showed the new needs created by the increase of exchanges. Cartagena was one of the most active ports in the Mediterranean Sea during the Roman era, and that economic dynamism required for the movement of coins. In this case, a coin from Hannibal’s time has been featured.

Coin from the Ancient Age. Bolskan and Osca • Huesca

Huesca, originally Bolskan, was later called Osca by the Romans. Such names are known thanks to the inscriptions on the silver and bronze coins, with the names Bolskan and Osca. There are four kinds of coin, from a higher to a lower value: silver denarius, silver as, bronze semis and bronze quadrans. The tail side depicts a horseman as well as the name of the city.

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