SD Huesca’s next fixture away from home will be at Estadi Nacional against FC Andorra, and our captain will wear an armband tailored for the occasion, bonding both provinces together.

In this case, mountain natural lakes have been represented. They are known as Ibones in Huesca and Estanys in Andorra.

Estanys de Tristaina • Andorra

These three mountain lakes are a must-visit attraction in Andorra. Located in the base of Circo Tristaina, these glacial lakes form one of the most astonishing natural landscapes in the area. Although there are various ways of going through this spot, the most popular is the hiking route, which is not too tricky, from where you can enjoy the different shades of the waters, as well as the flora and fauna of the surroundings.

Ibones • Panticosa (Huesca)

Ibon is the word in Aragon for glacial mountain lakes. In Huesca we are lucky we are able to enjoy many of them, among which we can find the Ibon de Asnos and Ibon de Sabocos. They are located around the Panticosa ski resort, easy to access for all families who want to come visit. Once there, you just have to let yourself go by their beauty and the breathtaking views of the Tena valley.

Here you can find the most spectacular ibones that are accessible from the Aragonese Pyrenees. Click here to see how to get to the ibones in the armband design.