Armband FOR CD Mirandés VS SD Huesca

As you may already know, every game this season our captain wears a unique armband depicting two items that bond the provinces of both sides together. In this case, against CD Mirandés, we have chosen the railway and its historical importance.

The railway stations of Miranda de Ebro and Canfranc (in Huesca) have been taken as the starting point for this design, since both railway lines proved to be crucial for the development of the regions at the time.

At the top of the armband, you can see the Victorian-style front of the station in Miranda de Ebro, split up into two symmetrical parts under an iron frame. Inside, the main arches are intertwined. The station in Canfranc (from the outside) symbolises the brightness with the colours that come from the doors. As a detail, at the background, we can find the clocks in each station saying the same time.


Miranda de Ebro railway station

Miranda de Ebro became one of the most important railway hubs in Spain of the time, and the construction of its station revolutionised the town. It’s a Victorian-style building with high historical value and two 90-metre-long canopies, one on each side of the building. Put into service in 1862, it’s one of the oldest in Spain.

Canfranc International railway station

This spectacular railway station originated to establish a crossing between France and Spain by the Somport railway tunnel through the Pyrenees. Located in a privileged environment, it was put into service in 1928 and declared to be a Site of Cultural Interest. Although the borders were shut down after World War II, the activity was restored in 1949, and 1954 brought about a period of prosperity. Today you can enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Pyrenees looking out the ‘Canfranero’ window.

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