It’s back to LaLiga SmartBank action next Monday as Huesca make the journey to one of the towns in the capital to face CD Leganés at Butarque. As it is a tradition at our club, we’ve tailored an armband for the occasion, which contains some features of the place we’re visiting. You can see its design below and all the reasons why we’ve included every single nod.

Churrigueresque armband

The borders at the top and bottom of the design are Solomonic columns (helical columns) – often used in churches as an indispensable element of the Churriguera family style –, and we can see them in the Church of San Salvador in Leganés, created by José de Churriguera.

It is a particular architecture style widely used in Spain from the late 17th century to the early 18th century.

Cucumbers and green areas

As you may know, this team is usually nicknamed The Pepineros – from the Spanish word pepino, ‘cucumber’. It comes from the time when this vegetable was traditionally sold in Leganés, back when it was an agricultural town.

Besides, the green lungs of the town are several parks and large areas of green space. In Leganés there are also some neighbourhood initiatives, such as ‘Butarque Vivo’, which aims at protecting the bank of the Butarque stream and planting riverside vegetation there, among other activities.

The sabre of Leganés

In the centre of the armband, we can see a couple of big leaves that contain a sabre. This pays tribute to the fencing women’s team sabre, given the fact that two members of such squad (Celia Pérez and Lucía Martín) together with the coach of the Spain women’s national fencing team used to practice at Club Esgrima Leganés.

Leganés, a town of Rock

Next to SD Huesca’s badge, we’ve included two lightnings for one of the major milestones of rock tradition in Leganés.

This town in the South of Madrid was a global pioneer in naming their streets after rock bands. 22 years ago, Malcolm Brothers and Angus Young dropped by Leganés to unveil the AC/DC plaque. It became so popular that copies of it were put on sale so that anyone who wanted could have one. It was the first of many, among which we can find Scorpions or Rosendo. Also, Leganés is bound to music thanks to the Cubierta de Leganés, one of the greatest concert venues in Madrid.