Brazalete Burgos CF VS SD Huesca

For our final game of 2022, against Burgos CF at El Plantío, our captain will wear a special armband that has been tailored for the occasion, in line with the previous ones this season. Guided by Huesca La Magia, it bonds both provinces together by depicting a common point between the two of them.

In this case, the selected motifs are two Benedictine monasteries devoted to Saint Peter (San Pedro el Viejo in Huesca and San Pedro de Cardeña in Burgos), due to the number of historical events inside their walls. Both of them have impressive cloisters with round arches, as it has been depicted in the armband design.

Monastery of San Pedro de Cardeña – Burgos 

This 10th century monastery was declared to be a Site of Cultural Interest. It was home to legends related to el Cid. Before he parted, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar entrusted the abbot back then with the care of his wife, Jimena, and his daughters. Besides, el Cid’s and doña Jimena’s remains laid here for centuries, before they were transferred to the Cathedral of Burgos. Its walls must be considered a living document. It’s 10 km away from Burgos, in a picturesque location.

Monastery of San Pedro el Viejo – Huesca

This 12th century monastery is one of the most important ones of the Aragonese Romanesque style. It’s a Benedictine monastery of which Ramiro II, called the Monk, was elected abbot before he became bishop of Roda de Isabena. Located in the old town, it’s a must in any trip to Huesca and Aragon, especially because of its Royal Pantheon, holding the tombs of two kings of Aragon – Alfonso I and Ramiro II. Here you may find some of its secrets, namely a magical phenomenon of light when it goes through its stained-glass windows.